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The ACLU of Hawaii exists to protect the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the U.S. and State Constitutions.  We fulfill this through legislative advocacy, litigation, and public education programs statewide.  We are a non-partisan and private nonprofit organization that provides services at no cost to the public.  To maintain our independence as a government watchdog, we do not accept government funds, relying instead on the generosity and kokua of our members and supporters.


Each year, nearly one thousand individuals contact the American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii seeking assistance.  Although we can only take a small handful of cases, we review and respond to every inquiry.  Many civil liberties problems are resolved informally by telephone calls, letters, and negotiations with government officials. For non-civil liberties matters, we make appropriate referrals.


Where violations of civil liberties and/or civil rights occurred, the ACLU’s policy is to use litigation sparingly and as a last resort when informal resolution is not possible.  The cases accepted for litigation are staffed internally by Legal Director Lois Perrin and staff attorneys Laurie Temple and Daniel Gluck, along with cooperating attorneys from the community who generously donate their time and expertise. The following summary describes a few of the recent and current ACLU of Hawaii cases, including a few of the many cases resolved without litigation. 

ACLU Hawai‘i Legal Program Report, 2010:

ACLU Hawai‘i Legal Program Report, 2009

ACLU Hawai‘i Legal Program Report, 2008

ACLU Hawai‘i Legal Program Report, 2005-2006

ACLU Hawai‘i Legal Program Report
, 2003-2004

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